Turban IVY - Velvet Green


Far from being an anodine color that goes unnoticed, the Green IVY has each outfits.

A hair accessory modern and trendy, theTurban Ivy Velvet is a fulfilled turban to perfect your winter and holiday outfit as well as that of your princess. Finished worries to arrange your hairstyle or have a trendy look in winter, the velvet turbani s the accessory that will make your life easier and give you back a smile.

Done with a velvet delicate texture And silky, classy and discreet, it adapts to all occasions and all the styles of dress. Its contact with the skin is gentle to ensure optimum comfort.

Practical and functional accessory, the Ivy turban is a fashion accessory indispensable for having a Chic and glamorous look in all circumstances.

Suitable from birth and replaces the usual birth baby cap
Baby Baby Girl Bonnet | Adult hat | Female turban


Maintenance board
Delicate washing

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