Do you like our brand and like taking pictures of your princess?

Then you will be a perfect ambassador for Baby on top!

We are looking for small fashionistas to present the articles of our shop. Our turbans and headbands are suitable for all, from the size of the adult size. We would love to see you join our ambassadors program and spread the love of turbines and headbands!

Win a commission On sales by sharing your own discount code to your friends and subscribers on social networks.


The term of the term is 3 months, renewable.

Our conditions are very simple, we offer a reduction on everything in the shop and give you the flexibility to choose the items that are right for you, as well as your social media.

In return, we ask you to tag about your photos and send us 1 to 2 photos per item purchased. There is no limit on the amount of products purchased with your code, we are just asking you for Tag on your social networking platforms When publishing photos where you wear baby on top items.

We do not check the number of followers you have. We are simply looking for clear and good quality photos.

* As indicated above, you will have to perform A purchase once a month. When accepting our ambassador program, you will receive an ambassador code for your purchases, as well as a unique sharing code (created by you personally) that you will be able to share with your friends and subscribers and who will help you Also save money.

* We ask you to promote the brand on your social networks using your unique sharing code reduction.


  • 25% discount for you on the whole shop (excluding box). Obligation to pass at least 1 order per month.
  • 15% discount for anyone using your code for the duration of the term. It will be your personalized code. You are encouraged to share it on your subscribers on social networks, friends and family.
    • 10% commission are paid to you by each sale using your code. The commission is in voucher on the shop or via Paypal

Your photos will be shared on our social networks and email list with an exhibition> 30,000 subscribers. This helps your profile on social networks to grow and even for some children to be spotted by brands.

** By submitting your photos, you agree that these photos are shared on our website, newsletter, social networks and / or advertisements.

So, interested?

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Do not forget to check your spam! Because 50% of the candidates never receive their letters of approval in their inbox.