Why choose a hat or a turban for your baby?

Babies, especially newborns, get cold much faster in their heads and can get hot! To protect their small skull, it is essential to use a cap. But who said the baby hat was out of fashion? Discover and adopt vintage turbans and hats!

Why do you have to put a hat on a baby?

Covering the heads of toddlers and babies is essential to keeping them safe, but do you know why? Quite simply because the head is 5 times more sensitive to temperature variations than the rest of the body!

An infant does not yet have the ability to regulate its temperature, which is why heat loss is greater than in an adult. Even inside a house, it is essential to protect baby's skull with a cap!

In summer, the problem mainly comes from the sun. A nice turban or a crush protects the skin of the skull, the fontanel and prevents heatstroke.

A vintage beanie, an hat or a mini turban?

Even the stars have understood it, the turban is an !essential fashion accessory for baby Like Hilary Duff, Kate Hudson or Khloe Kardashian, go for a turban cap or discover the little crushes that will give a real vintage touch to an outfit.

A trendy turban for her baby

The turban is light, comfortable and trendy, but is especially available in a large choice of colors, materials, knots and patterns to meet all your desires and ideas of look! Some are plain, some are printed and our Babyontop store even offers faded turbans and Tie and Dye. The little extra? They are generally available in children's and women's versions so that the whole small family can be matched.

The turban can be worn both indoors and outdoors and can be suitable for all events. For an infant photo shoot, everyday or even lace for a wedding or a baptism. Thanks to their affordable price, you can build a real wardrobe for your little girl and change according to your desires and the season!

A crush hat for a vintage look

Vintage is the big trend and we all fall for its refined colors and comfortable materials. If you like the vintage look for baby, you will fall for our trendy little crush hats!

Their particularity? They all have straps that attach around the neck so your baby can't take it off and add that little extra to an outfit. But the crush was also mixed, it will be worn by a boy as well as by a girl.

The linen bonnet with double cotton look is ideal for the hottest days because its material is very light. Some models even have a visor that protects little eyes from the sun! Shall we let you discover them? Check out all of our models, we are sure that one of them will become your little favorite!

And you, are you more of a crush hat or a turban for the baby look?

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